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Monday, October 24, 2005

Eagle Lake, finally

I finally got out there today. It was overcast and cold, but it wasn’t snowing and it wasn’t raining, so I grabbed a leather biker jacket and a funny wool cap with a pompom on it, and went down to the boathouse. Mary and I paddled the green canoe down Eagle Lake to the big airplane hangar. Paddling is one of those activities that is simultaneously strenuous and relaxing. It gave me all sorts of happy flashbacks to my 21-day canoe trip through northern Quebec when I was fifteen. We fished, paddled, slept under the northern lights and listened to loons crying every morning. We traveled through a nearly uninhabited place called Chibougamau, and now every time I get in a canoe I am filled with such happiness I can’t stand it. I do fantasize regularly about getting my own canoe, but I’d have to have a quiet lake in the wilderness to go with it. Somehow I don’t think paddling around Lake Merritt would have the same effect.

Tonight I am giving my Presentation to the group. I feel a little bit nervous, but mostly ready. I had a nice little breakthrough re my novel this weekend, and I’ve got some fresh new pages that feel pretty good. Mostly, I’m looking forward to sharing a bit of myself with the people here. It’s been incredible to see what other people are working on here. One day, they’re just some nice person who passes you the salad dressing at dinner. After they do their presentation, they’re suddenly transformed into some awesome artist or writer. I’ve been duly humbled and inspired by everyone who has presented so far, and I’m looking forward to putting a little bit of myself out there.


Blogger melanie said...

Yeah - go, Susan! *You* are an awesome artist and writer, you are an inspiration!

Monday, October 24, 2005 4:11:00 PM


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