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Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Sun! The Sun!

...came out for about ten minutes today. Everyone went crazy with glee. One resident leaped into Eagle Lake, screamed and then scrambled back out. Katy and I went for a three hour hike during which we got happily lost. The ground was very squishy and our feet got incredibly soaked. She wore a BMC-supplied raincoat that made her look like the Gorton's fish stick man. We saw beautiful mushrooms and leaves everywhere. For a while it poured. I came home completely starving and exhausted. Had to take a hot bath and then passed out. No work today.

After dinner, a group of us played a hilarious game of Dictionary. Do you know the definition of keedog? It's a covering made of an old sack, used to protect the head and shoulders during rainy weather. We sure could have used one of those this afternoon.

It's now 9:00pm and perhaps I will try and do a bit of work.


Blogger Michael said...


I'm trying again.

Saturday, October 15, 2005 11:00:00 PM


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