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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bumped by Bush? Don't let it happen!

I just received an email from my beloved Blue Mountain Center that one of their past residents, a filmmaker named Brad Lichtenstein is in need of urgent help.

His film, Almost Home, documents a year in the lives of residents, families and staff trying trying to transform their nursing home into a true home and shake the negative nursing home stigma. He has been working on this film for over three years. It seems like an amazing project and an inspiring, life-changing film.

It was finally scheduled to air on PBS on February 21st during prime time, but is now being bumped to air George Bush's State of the Union address.

Do not let this happen!!

Here's what Brad says:

I NEED your help to persuade PBS stations to join our new national broadcast date.

Please click here to find your local station and call or email viewer services to request that they air Almost Home on the national airdate of Feb. 21 in prime time.

If you are in New York, please clickhere and choose the subject "programming." This is the #1 market, and crucial to national newspaper reviews!
If you are in Wisconsin, we are set (thanks to many of you!). But please email this request to your friends out of state.

Email blast your networks and ask that people immediately go to their local PBS station website and send an email to their viewer services or programming department requesting that ALMOST HOME air on the national airdate of February 21st during prime time.

If you are connected to an aging or other organization, please email your chapters, partners and other organizations and ask that they blast their constituencies. (Again, I've pasted a useful email draft below). Also, please consider posting a notice on your website.

Stations really listen to their viewers. Time is of the essence as February schedules are being locked right now! So, please, do it right away while it’s on your mind and your screen. A grass roots campaign has the power to save Almost Home, so please help....it's deeply appreciated.


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