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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Got Plot?

I just received an email from Martha Alderson, aka The Plot Doctor(my name for her). She has been a tremendous help to me this year. I am pretty good when it comes to writing individual sentences, and I can see my characters pretty well, but it was that PLOT thing that always intimidated and eluded me. I took a one day workshop on Scene Tracking with Martha in the fall, and it was quite illuminating. She has developed a method for stepping back from one's own writing, on a closeup (scene) as well as big-picture level, and really SEEing plot in a fascinating, objective way. She's a generous, helpful teacher and I totally recommend her: she does workshops as well as private consults, she has DVDs and videos of her presentations, and CDs outlining it all, and she's got a great book explaining it all. She's a treasure trove of Plot answers, for those of us who have a hard time even formulating the questions. And it's not a formula for "you must do this, or your plot sucks." It's more like a new way of just seeing your own work and evaluating whether or not you want it to do what it's doing. Two thumbs up.


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